Power Generator System


An automatic standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates whether you are at home or away. It automatically supplies power to your home or business within 30 seconds of detecting a utility failure.

After utility power returns, an automatic standby generator shuts itself off and awaits the next outage.

It operates on natural gas or liquid propane and sits outside your house or business just like a central air conditioning unit. Automatic standby generators are especially useful in areas like South Florida where severe weather and hurricanes frequently cause power outages.



Advantage of Power Generator System:
  • Buying a home generator will mean that it will serve as a backup to the municipal power grid providing your electric services. They can cater to the home’s electrical needs when faced by extended blackout sustained for days.
  • These types of generators also known as standby generators use either propane or natural gas as sources of fuel.
  • The systems they will be able to cater for will, however, be driven by size. More large generators will be able to sustain appliances that need more power.
  • Lifestyle change influenced by technology advancements which cater to specific problems are continually solving a particular issue.